i-Wash Antibacterial Hand Soap

i-Wash Antibacterial Hand Soap

Antibacterial hand soap formulated with natural ingredients and soothing skin moisturizers and emollients. It can be used safely in hospitals, offices, heavy industry and food preparation areas with confidence

Bactericidal cleansing lather. Free from solvents and harsh chemicals.Ideal for the food industry where a sanitising soap is essential. This mild yet effective soap is suitable for a wide range of industries: engineering, automotive, construction, manufacturing, janitorial, healthcare, education and nurseries, printing working etc.


  • I-WASH is a truly superior product providing gentle but very effective cleaning.
  • Perfume free formula ensures food products are not tainted.


    Has powerful antibacterial properties which provide residual germ fighting action, even after rinsing.


     It is fully biodegradable in both hard and soft water


Antibacterial Handsoap  is available in 1LT,5LT & 25LT.


Pour I-WASH in a soap dispenser .Apply to your hands. Rub until a rich lather is produced. Rinse off with fresh water



Not classified as hazardous but avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice if irritation occurs. For detailed advice on safe handling and storage of the product refer to the product Safety Data Sheet.


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